Canada Bill Passes House of Commons Single Event Betting Sports

In Canada, the legalisation of single-event sports betting continues to develop. On Thursday, the third reading of Bill C-218 was adopted by the House of Commons of Canada. The bill would amend the Criminal Code to give provinces and territories authority to control online and in-person wagers on the results of actual sporting activities, including baseball, football and other sports. At its second reading in the House, in February, the proposal was overwhelmingly approved. online casino

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malaysia gambling The bill is now being revised and approved by the Senate and then moved to the Governor General for Royal Assent. The bill may be endorsed as early as May. It was hoped that one-event sports betting will take place before the NFL season. At present, Canada makes only parlay bets through the lottery. Single-event waging allows only horse racing.

In the parliamentary process, Bill C-218 was overwhelmingly supported by lawmakers from both sides, but remained largely unchanged. There was a modification to maintain Canada’s horse racing pari-mutuel betting scheme.

In a tweet, Kevin Waugh, Conservative Parliamentarian for Saskatoon-Grasswood who tabled C-218 as private members’ bill said, given the exceptional level of support that was offered from all parties to the House of Commons in this bill. “The conservatives of Canada are continuing to advance common sense laws that generate economic opportunities and aid Canadians. company .The Score Approved the passage of the law by businesses including Bill Gaming, such as TheScore, headquartered in Toronto.

Significant progress

John Levy, the founding and CEO of theScore, said in the press release “We applaud Representatives on both sides of the House of Commons for passing this very necessary legislative act quickly. “Together with the widely dispersed industry and the broad cross-party support that Bill C-218 has received, today’s progress is a significant move forward. Now that the House is approved of Bill C-218, we look forward to the Senate taking the ball quickly over the target.

Residents in Canada have moved into the black markets for bets without legalising single-sport betting. The Gaming Association in Canada reports that $14 billion annually goes to overseas websites or illicit bookmakers for Canadians.

TheScore forecasts that legalised online gambling will result in net total annual gross gaming revenues of between $3.8 billion and $5.4 billion. These numbers are focused on statistical information extrapolated from legal online gaming markets in the United States and worldwide.


TheScore sold a total of 6,900,000 Class A shares. This included $27 per share of 900,000 class A shares for $186.3 million in gross revenue. The Score revealed the public auction for the United States on 22 February.

TheScore plans the net income of the sale to be used for financing working capital and other overall business uses, such as the continuing increase in and extension of the activities of theScore Bet in the U.S. and Canada by helping the customer buy and retain the existing or potential operations of theScore.

The public offering is made by means of a union of co-managers headed by Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, Canaccord Genuity and Macquarie Capital, and the Eight Capital, Cormark Securities Inc. and Scotibank.

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