Skin Firming Tool

When it comes to firming your complexion, a good serum and moisturizer are
essential, but you can also try using a skin-tightening tool for more dramatic results.
These gadgets, many of which are endorsed by celebrity estheticians and facial
plastic surgeons alike, use everything from light therapy to micro-needling to help
firm and tighten your skin for a more toned appearance. They’re especially great for
de-puffing and firming the contours of your face and neck, or tackling tech neck (the
soreness that can result from hours of screen time).

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While we love a good at-home cleanser, exfoliator or mask, it’s important to
remember that these tools won’t replace professional treatments. “Skin-firming
creams can certainly amplify the effects of other products, but they aren’t going to
remove stretch marks or cellulite,” says board-certified dermatologist Dr. Hardik
Doshi. Instead, he suggests combining these devices with a skincare regimen that
features dermatologist-supported ingredients like retinol and peptides for a more
visibly taut complexion.
The best skin-tightening devices are safe to use daily, and some are designed for
specific purposes. For example, blue light therapy targets sebaceous glands to
decrease oil production for a less blemished complexion, while face rollers
encourage lymphatic drainage and reduce puffiness to make your face appear more
defined. Similarly, a dual-purpose tool like the Droplette can help deliver targeted
serums like glycolic acid or growth factors directly to your pores for an added boost
of hydration.

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In the hands of an experienced esthetician, most devices are safe for daily use and
can be used at any time of day, though you should always read the manufacturer’s
instructions to ensure maximum safety. When in doubt, always start with the lowest
setting or intensity level and move up slowly if needed. It’s also a good idea to clean
and sanitize your device after every use, and to avoid using it on any broken or
irritated areas of the skin.
If you’re looking to firm your chin, neck and chest, this FDA-cleared device uses
bipolar radio-frequency energy to heat up tissue, stimulating collagen and elastin.
The treatment is quick, painless and effective (though it can be a little
uncomfortable at first) and can address common issues including sagging, fine lines
and wrinkles, large pores and crepey skin on the neck and chest.
You may have seen gilded versions of this beauty staple adorning the faces of your
favorite celebrities, or seen makeup artists use it to de-puff before glam sessions.
These small but powerful facial suction devices are easy to use, super gentle and
leave your complexion feeling refreshed. After applying your favorite serum, run the
device over your complexion in circular motions. The set comes with different sized
cups to target specific areas of the face and body. The brand recommends a weekly
treatment for the face and twice a week for the body. This tool is a little pricey, but if
you’re committed to getting a tighter and firmer complexion, it’s worth the

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